Clinical Trials



The regulatory approval of drugs and devices is conditional on repeatable and reliable results. 1MED offers clinical research services & solutions for all your clinical trials needs. We manage and oversee all phases of clinical trials with the utmost care and consideration for the patient. Our connections in this industry allow us to find the most suitable fit for your research and testing needs. This allows us to be flexible with emerging trends in submission procedures and to ensure compliance with all local and international regulatory requirements.

At 1MED we understand that planning and site selection is the key to a successful trial. Our in-depth knowledge about regulatory and clinical trials requirements in every country, ensures a global trial will move rapidly and results in shorter timelines to expedite market access.

  • Pre-market and post market clinical trial support of study design, management and execution  
  • Clinical study protocol development 
  • Clinical site selection, contracting, qualification, management and training
  • Site monitoring visits
  • Biostatistics, data management and eCRF support
  • Final study report
  • Study documentation preparation / review:
    • Trial master file
    • Investigative brochure
    • Patient information & consent forms